Paintings Paintings Emmett Smith acrylic, 9x9, matted and framed, $80 199610833 Tony Parker water color, 11x14, matted and framed, $125 199610834 Basketball matchup water color, 9x12, commission 199610843 Baylor linebacker water color, 10x13 199610835 A&M 40 oil, 11x14, sold 199813641 A Storm out of College Station oil, 16x20, sold 199610841 Extended Play water color, 6x16, matted and framed, $85 199610836 A&M-Houston 9x12 water color, sold 206042073 UT helmet oil, 11x14, sold 199610838 UT #42 oil, 14x18, sold 199610840 UT-Arkansas Shootout, 1969 water color, 24x28, sold 199610839 Steelers running back 11 x 14 water color, sold 205134501 Montana fakes water color, 8x10, sold 199610844 Houston linebacker water color, 9x12, matted and framed, $125 199610842 Billy Joe Tolliver, Texas Tech water color, 9x12, matted and framed, $125 199610846 Texas Tech running back 16x20 oil, sold 206042076 Glenn Davis, Houston Astros water color, 9x12, sold 199610847 Glenn Trammell, Detroit Tigers water color, 9x12, sold 199610848 Grayson Hamilton water color, 9 x 12, commission 199610837 Earl Campbell, Houston Oilers 11x14 water color, matted and framed, $175 200073023 Eric Metcalf, University of Texas 11x14 water color, matted and framed, $175 200073024 Red River Rivalry 18x24 oil, sold 206042072 TCU Quarterback 8x10 water color, matted and framed, $70 205230712 J J Watt 11x14 oil, framed, $160 206042069 Dallas D 8x10, water color, sold 206042074 Roger Staubach 11x14 water color, sold 206042075 Flo-Jo 9x12 water color, sold 206042070